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Libra Love Horoscopes Prediction 2019

General Libra Love Horoscope

The year seems to be positive for your love life. You will develop a soulful connection with your loved one. You will find yourself getting more serious in your love affair during the middle part of the year .The end of the year would be favourable for some Libra guys to tie the knot if you are vying for the same.

Libra Love Horoscope for Single

There are chances that you might get close to a person in your college or at your workplace. You should not propose someone out of the blue without knowing what they feel for you as this could lead you to trouble. In case an adverse situation arises in your love life, you should deal with it in a patient and sincere way. You will get several chances to meet your loved one. In case, you are in a long distance relationship, you need not get disheartened, as you will be able to connect with them through your phone and social media.

Libra Love Horoscope for Couple

If we talk about married life, natives of Libra zodiac sign will remain on good terms with your life partner. You will support each other and will stay by each other's side through thick and thin. This will increase the mutual understanding and respect between the two of you. The health of your spouse must be taken care of.

Your life partner must work to the best of their ability to achieve success in their career. The year would begin as a passionate relationship with your partner and romance will fill your life with its beautiful colors. However, there will some occasions when you will be staying away from your spouse because of your work.

Libra Love Compatibility

Your best compatibility signs are Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Your worst compatibility signs are Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer. Libras are known to be quite attractive in love and marriage, however this year is not a cake-walk for you here. Expect the unexpected. Turmoil and temptations might make you to drift or stray. Be prepared to splurge on your partner to win him or her over. Love and romance might make you to put family matters in the back burner, thus inviting the wrath of family this year.

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