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16 February Horoscope 2021 Prediction

The 16th day of February 2021 falls on Tuesday. Here, we have predicted a daily horoscope. People born on this date are Kumbha Rasi or belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. Check Vedic Astrology in 12horoscopesigns.com for weekly and monthly horoscope prediction in 2021..

Aries 16 February Horoscope 2021

Mesa Rasi or Ariens has the blessings from its ruling planet Mars, which is in conjunction with Venus. Hence, you will achieve success and impress others with your virtue, love, and passion.

Taurus 16 February Horoscope 2021

Vrisabha Rasi or Taureans will find many obstacles today due to the malefic effect of Rahu or the Dragon’s Head. People in love and relationship will end in a breakup if they meet them today.

Gemini 16 February Horoscope 2021

Mithuna Rasi or Geminians in sales, marketing, advertisement, media, entertainment, and trading will not succeed much in their respective field. It is advisable to listen more and talk less today.

Cancer 16 February Horoscope 2021

Karka Rasi or Cancerians in creative works will do well today. However, limit your tasks as taking additional risks might lead to failure. Hence, accept what comes to you for your job and business.

Leo 16 February Horoscope 2021

Simha Rasi or Leo's will shine like the Sun, as it is their ruling planet. It will be better to do all your job, studies, work, and promises during the daylight. Thus, after the sunset, you will lose power.

Virgo 16 February Horoscope 2021

Kanya Rasi or Virgos will feel the heat of a hectic quarrel related to your family, relation, or loved ones. It is advisable to keep calm and never react to anyone, who is making you angry today.

Libra 16 February Horoscope 2021

Tula Rasi or Libran's in love and relationship will have a bad day today. It is because; your ruling planet Venus is not supportive today. Thus, avoid talking or meeting them today.

Scorpio 16 February Horoscope 2021

Vriscika Rasi or Scorpions have the negative influence of Ketu or the Dragon’s Tail today. Thus, take precautions in dealing with finance, health, and travel. Avoid taking new ventures today.

Sagittarius 16 February Horoscope 2021

Dhanusa Rasi or Sagittarians ruling planet Jupiter is not much favorable today. Thus, you must avoid speculation, gambling, and trying to invest in an easy moneymaking business.

Capricorn 16 February Horoscope 2021

Makara Rasi or Capricorn’s are having the blessings of five beneficial planets today. However, Saturn is your ruling planet. The conjunction of these positive planets will avoid bad lucks, misfortune, and losses.

Aquarius 16 February Horoscope 2021

Kumbha Rasi or Aquarians are having the malefic influence of Saturn and the positive influence of Mars and the Sun. Hence, taking a risk today will benefit you with good outcomes.

Pisces 16 February Horoscope 2021

Mina Rasi or Pisces have the blessings from Jupiter. Thus, you can speculate money, and invest money in long-term related projects. Health wise, you will be free from a prevailing chronic disease.

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