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Astrology 2018

An astrology chart comprised of 12 parts that are known as houses or Bhava. Way of sketching a chart may vary astrologer to astrologer but it contains all the twelve parts with same name .Starting point of each chart is called Ascendant or Pratham Bhava or 1st house. This chart mainly depends on significance and outcome of 1st house.

Aries Astrology 2018:Normally you need to care you physical fitness. You can have curly hair, beautiful eyes and medium neck. You may be short temper in nature. Travel is love for you.

Taurus Astrology 2018:You may have long body and medium health, short neck, bright eyes, dark hairs, shining skin .Well shoulders and broad chest and a good passion.

Gemini Astrology 2018: Straight body, long nose, long hairs average height are the main traits of Gemini people. You are very active and sharp minded. Positive thinking and careless and enjoy every moment.

Cancer Astrology 2018:You have cursory nature. You have short tempered heavy body, long fingers and short in height. You are brainy, heavy body and simple thinking.

Leo Astrology 2018:Strong bones, developed muscles, broad forehead and long hands. You are Posed look, broad minded and interactive. You are gentle in nature.

Virgo Astrology 2018:Virgo has slim body and shining skin, active and frank in nature. You may have fated stomach. You are changeable in nature.

Libra Astrology 2018:Libra people have well managed body in height and weight. People have strong body’s parts, black eyes, long hairs and stylish. Libra people are attractive in soft in nature.

Scorpio Astrology 2018:They have good body with good fate. They have long hands and mild in nature. They have Sheen face, simple look and feel comfort in alone state .They have high passion in life.

Sagittarius Astrology 2018:They have strong and highly developed body. They are body builder in many cases. They have short and black hairs with a glow. They have long nose, smooth lips and more sexual. They have long hands and long legs. They have qualities to change with situations.

Capricorn Astrology 2018They are weak, thin, and sluggish body .They grows very slow with time. But they are very genius, intelligent, logical and careful. They are very simple and have high thinking.

Aquarius Astrology 2018:They are generally thin and tall body. They charming and smart in nature .They have fair body color, good reader, slow and minded.

Pisces Astrology 2018:They have short in stature in life but have passion .They have short hands ,long lips, blue eyes, brown hairs and polite in nature. They have kind nature, relentless and sharp minded.

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