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Leo Career Horoscopes Prediction 2020

Leo is one of the fifth zodiac signs out of 12 sun signs and ruled under the fire element. Under the influence of a Leo planetary cycle, we'll all feel the burning desire to steal the spotlight and shine, shine, shine!

General Leo Career Horoscope

Year 2020 would help Leo guys to achieve more in life than the previous few years. A good time to re affirm your faith in life and pursue your aspirations. Much luck and fortune come your way. And things seem to go as planned. A generally fantastic period lies in store for Leo guys.

Leo Career Horoscope in Business

Leos would also be able to perform well in business too this year. A good time to enter into collaborative ventures rather than standing alone. This year will bring about a number of golden opportunities for the people involved in the tourism industry.

Leo Career Horoscope in Jobs

You will realise that only hard work coupled with a smart mind will pave your way to success. You might entangle yourself in conflicts at your workplace, which might tarnish your reputation. You are advised to respect your seniors at your workplace and pay heed to their advice. The year will end off on a high note for you, during which you will rise up in position and status.

Leo Career Horoscope in Government Jobs

You are likely to expect a raise or promotion. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations should leave no stone unturned when it comes to making their moves so as to lead in the race of competition. You might have to face problems during the beginning of the year.

Leo Career Horoscope in Private Jobs

Those who are involved in hospitality will get benefits at their work front. The natives who are involved in media and mass communication will have a rough period full of crests and troughs. The sky will be the limit of success for those who are involved in digital marketing and digital media.

Your career will help you gain a better social status too. Motivation comes from many sources, hence it is up to you to move in the positive direction this year as far as career concerns are considered.

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