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Taurus Sun Sign

The Taurus is the 2nd Zodiac in the Vedic Calendar. The female members are more powerful as its element is Earth. Similarly, the sing of the bull makes the male members are stronger and mightier. All to gather they are lovable and friendly people to go with other zodiac signs.

Nature of Taurus

Taurus sing people are like a bull. They are strong and their element is Earth. This makes them self-reliant and goes well with the other elements. They are lovable people and have some determination in life. Their bull nature makes them powerful when they are disturbed. This is the same with love, as they cannot simply go away with a breakup.

Traits of Taurus

Taurus or Vrishabha (April 20 until May 21). The Taureans traits are as follows.

  • Stubborn People
  • Cope with the present lifestyle
  • Cool Person
  • Lovely Friend
  • Ambitious People
  • Reliable People
  • Loyal People

Taurus Man

The Aries men are self-starters and they do and achieve what they like in their life. They are more concern about their nature and adapt to the latest lifestyle. In love, they seek faithfulness. In work, they seek perfection. They are friendly people to go around.

Taurus Woman

Taurus women are more feminine in nature. They are very selective to find their life partner. They take care of their family with much care and love after marriage. They are an enterprising person at work. They are lovable people to cope with others.

Taurus Health

Their sing is bull and they are health conscious people. They will have a strong immunity in their younger age. They are the least to get chronic diseases. However, they are more vulnerable to ENT related health issues in their adult age.

Taurus love

Taureans are particular in love. They are more selective about to find a friend, love and settle with a trusted partner. They do not like dishonesty with their partner. The moment they see, they cannot resist such a moment and go angry.

Taurus Career

Taureans are good decision makers in a hard time in their job and business. They are a self-starter and can handle a team too. They love what they do and are more select a career, which they wish to work and earn.

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