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Kundali Matching by Expert Astrologers

Kundali is nothing but the birth horoscope, which is an astrological chart. This chat defines our planetary positions at the time of our birth. Based on this kundali, our future can be predicted. Also, remedies can be identified to our problems by studying this kundali. Also, this kundali is used for the betterment of our future. This kundali is used to fix better matches in Hindu and other religions. According to Hindu astrology, if the kundalis of husband and wife don’t match, then the married life of that couple might be unsuccessful and unhappy. That is why kundali matching is done before fixing any marriage. Only if the kundalis match, the match is fixed and the marriage will happen.

Generally, kundali matching is done by analying the similarities in the likings and dislikings , nature and mental disposition of the wife and husband based on the planetary positions and constellations matching by their horoscopes. These kundalis when matched, match couples such that their similarities mix up like milk and water. The couple lives there life happily and successfully.

Kundali matching can be classified into three. They are, matching of yogas, matching of planets and matching of stars. Eight points need to be considered while matching kundalis. They are Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, matching of Rasi Lords, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi. They have their own marks 1 to 8 respectively. This marking is called Ashtakuta. And for a matching to be proper or correct, the couple must get 21 kutas out of 36. Only then the match can be fixed.

Online Kundali Matching

Online kundali matching is generally based on the Ashtakuta method. In this method, eight different aspects related to personality are compared among each other and are assigned particular points for each aspect. And the result of this analysis is the summation of all these points. In this system, the maximum number of gunas is 36. If the gunas is 31 to 36, the union is excellent. If it is 21 to 30, then the union is good. If it is 17 to 20, then the union is middling. 0 to 16 the union is inauspicious. If Bhakuta Dosha exists in the kundali matching then even Gunnar 20 to 30 is not accepted to be auspicious. By entering the details online, using Ashtakuta method, you can match your kundalis. For such matching of kundalis, the best website you are going to find online is 12horoscopesigns.com. Only on this website, you will be finding accurate matching of your kundalis to lead a happy and successful married life.

Kundali Matching by Date of Birth

Our kundalis is usually the birth charts that describe the planetary positions at the time of our birth, which influences our lives in various aspects. Depending on the birth date, the kundalis are usually known and while fixing matches these kundalis also need to match. Hence it is important to match Lindsay's by date of birth also. Based on the time, date, day, month and year on which you are born, your details are compared with your partner’s details based on Ashtakuta method. And the result in the form of gunas is considered. Based on the information you provide, if your match is shown to be good enough, and then there might not be any problem with fixing the marriage. Such matching of your kundalis by date of birth can be done accurately at 12horoscopesigns.com.

Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth

Not just the date of birth, your name too matters while matching kundalis. As the factors, you consider while matching increase, the accuracy of your kundali matching also increases. Hence most of the astrologers and palmists consider both name and date of birth while matching kundalis to get accurate matching results. If there is any chance that your marriage life can be improved by changing your name, then by matching kundalis by date of birth and name, a better name can also be suggested by our astrologers at 12horoscopesigns.com.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

Most of the people assure that kundalis of bride and groom are matched before their marriage is fixed. Only if the kundalis match, there marriage is fixed. People from different regions of the world other than India also believe in matching kundalis before marriage. It is believed that if kundalis do not match properly, then the married life of that couple might be unsuccessful and unhappy.

Why kundali matching?

As already said, in the married life of a bride and groom there happens to be a lot of influence on our planets. Each planet’s position influences our lives in a variety manner. From the time of our birth, the planetary positions do matter in the quality of our life. However their intended cannot be avoided. But that can be altered by remedies in astrology. But when it comes to marriage, the marriage with a partner having compatible kundali can avoid the influence of those planets. Hence to avoid such a negative impact of planets on our life, it is necessary to match kundalis before marriage. However, if the kundalis are not matched before marriage, then any discrepancy in kundali matching found after marriage can be compensated by remedies to a small extent. You can find these remedies at 12horoscopesigns.com or renowned astrologers and palmists are available at 12horoscopesigns.com to give remedies for your defects in kundali matching. Also, they suggest the best properties of kundali for you to get married to.

Astrologers for Kundali Matching Services

There are many astrologers available to solve the problems of the public all over the world. But there are very few for matching kundalis in the world. Among those few most renowned astrologers are available at 12horoscopesigns.com Also best palmists in the world also are available at 12horoscopesigns.com You might once visit our website, 12horoscopesigns.com and try our online kundali matching and then start believing in our accuracy. Our best astrologers and palmists from 12horoscopesigns.com are available all over the world and India. People from anywhere in the world can contact them at 12horoscopesigns.com you may even try our online services at website -12horoscopesigns.com.

Our renowned astrologers and palmists have tremendous knowledge in kundali matching, Doshas, their remedies, Ashtakuta method, gunas, kutas which makes it effective for them to get you accurate results of kundali matching. Many couples who got their kundalis matched by our astrologers and palmists are leading happy and successful lives. Not just kundali matching, people who even got remedies for their defects in kundalis from our astrologers and palmists are also leading happy and successful lives. Even if you don't believe in kundali matching and planetary influence on married life, you may once try contacting our best astrologers and palmists at 12horoscopesigns.com by accurate results from our renowned astrologers and palmists, you might start believing in astrology and kundali matching. You may also try our online services first at 12horoscopesigns.com.

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