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Leo Sun Sign

Leo represents the fifth sign of the Zodiac and is been ruled by the vibrant sun. The sign is in the period of July 23 and August 22, it provides the comfort of the fire element. The charming lion is loved by everyone and it loves the attention.

Nature of Leo

Leo is originated from the constellation of Leo. This sign is renowned for its loyalty, dedication, stability & consistency. The nature of Leo is highly focused and active, this sometimes leads to restlessness and overburdening yourself. Your nurturing nature is loved by almost everyone and so people tend to attract more like a magnet.

Traits of Leo

  • Charismatic nature attracts a lot of individual and due to which you make friends really easily and draw a lot of attention towards yourself.
  • Your strong opinions and confidence let you put your point in front of your group and to not go with the flow.
  • You are highly honest with respect to the views you put forth. Your extreme hatred towards lies can also lead to some blunders.
  • You try to keep yourself active and busy all day long. Also, this behaviour often surprises the people around you.

Leo Man

Leo man demands to be treated like a loyal king and also treats the others in the same manner. The better and happy he, the better and happy he keeps others. Keep him on the top of your priority list and he’ll always make you feel extraordinary, extravagant and important. The negative point for them is someone showing ego, they’re bold and fiery.

Leo Woman

Leo women are renowned for self-confidence and independence. But if you get close to her, her commitment and extreme expectations is something you need to keep in mind and give her right away. She’ll revolve around her partner and let him feel that he’s loved by the most caring personality. Her warm and big heart makes her special and her honesty is something she gives to all, while in return she needs the same.

Leo Health

The back pain and spine issues are something you need to deal with for life, but if you are careful with your posture, things might become normal for you. Severe stress can impact your heart conditions, so avoid stress and bring peace in your life. Practice Yoga regularly, breath normal and stay calm.

Leo love

Love for self and others are extremely unconditional for Leo. A lion loves being in love and without any conditions without any expectation. Without any ties, Leo loves to enjoy and fulfil their dreams with the partner. Leo is more in search and craves for attention and assurance of love for them.

Leo Career

Set good goals in your life and meet people who can push you towards your goals. Plan and point down the key steps needed to reach your goals. Leo are great thinkers and Learners, their leadership quality helps them stand out, from the crowd.

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