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Manglik Dosh and Solutions

Manglik Dosh due to Schwa deletion is a Hindu belief that is mostly seen in India and Nepal. In those who are born under the influence of Mars, this Dosh usually exists, according to Hindu astrology. Marriage between a person with Manglik Dosh and a person without it is believed to be dangerous. Such marriage is believed to result in the early death of husbands. Such Dosh can, however, be treated. Mangala Dosha or Manglik Dosh, both is the same. The best place gets the Manglik Dosh remedies or gets it treated is 12horoscopesigns.com where you can contact our renowned successful Mangal dosh astrologers in India.

Manglik Dosh Remedies and Upvas

Because this dosh is the result of the influence of Mars over that person, the ill-effects of this dosh can be reduced by pacifying Mars. For this one might follow simple remedies. Some of the remedies include -

Going to Hanuman temple every Tuesday

It is believed to be ruled by Mars. So going to temple on that seems to be auspicious.

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays

As said Tuesday is ruled by Mars, reciting Hanuman Chalisa on that day is believed to be better than doing it any other day.

Wearing an activated Mangal Yantra

It is a metallic device that omits positive charges from it, which might reduce the negative impact on the patients by Mars.

Feeding small birds and animals

Animals or birds with sweets and grains might pacify Mars and reduce the impact on a person with Manglik dosh.

Offering sweets to Ganesha

Prayers and sweets to Lord Ganesha might also benefit the Manglik by reducing the impact of Mars on individuals.

Kumbh Vivah

The husband might die early if a marriage takes place between Manglik and non-Manglik, the Manglik girl or non-Manglik girl would be first married to a pot or tree so that the Manglik dosh gets along with the tree or pot and the real marriage after that might be successful.


On Tuesdays, as Tuesday is ruled by Mars reduces the impact of Mars on the persons under the influence of Mars.

Manglik Remedies before Marriage

Generally, Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosh is related to the compatibility between the boys and girls that decides their married life together. A Manglik must never marry a non-Manglik. If this marriage happens, then it is inauspicious according to Hindu astrology. It is said that their married life would not be successful and happy also being short. For this, there are no permanent or complete cures. However, the influence of Manglik Dosh can be altered by remedies. There are two types of remedies. They are remedies before marriage and remedies after marriage. It is better to try both the remedies as this might only increase the chances of influence reduction. The remedies before marriage are -


Both the bit and girl must fast on Tuesdays as that day of the week is ruled by Mars.


Both the bride and groom must offer prayers and sweets to Lord Ganesha.

Going to Hanuman temple

Both the boy and girl must go to the Hanuman temple every Tuesday to offer prayers.

Mangal Yantra

Both girl and boy must wear Mangal yantra which is a metallic device with positive vibes.


Red clothes and food must be donated weekly.

Blood donation

It is better if the boy donates his blood thrice in a year.

Feeding small animal and birds

Feed sweets and grains to birds and small animals.

Kumbh Vivah

Before real marriage, the girl should get married to a pot or tree to deflect the Dosh towards the pot or tree and then get married without Dosh.

Manglik Remedies for Boys

Manglik is a person who was born under the influence of Mars. If it is a boy and had been married to a non-Manglik girl, then there might be chances of the early death of the boy after marriage. For long life the remedies advised by best Mangal dosh consultants from 12horoscopesigns.com are, observing fast on Tuesday, chanting mantras, offerings, wearing the coral gemstone.

Manglik Remedies for Girls

If a Manglik girl is married to a non-Manglik boy, even then the boy’s life is in danger. And for the long life of husband best Mangal dosh consultants from 12horoscopesigns.com advise their wives to fast on Tuesdays and offer to offer to Lord Ganesha, wear a Coral gemstone and read Hanuman Chalisa.

Manglik Remedies after marriage for couples

Our renowned Mangal dosh astrologers from 12horoscopesigns.com have already successfully resolved so many cases having Mangal Dosh. They made the lives of many couples peaceful and happy by removing Dosh from their lives. Some of the remedies our Mangal dosh astrologers might advise to do -

Fasting on Tuesdays

Tuesdays are said to be under the ruling of Mars. Fasting on those days might pacify Mars and reduce the influence of Mars on married life. Fast must start in the morning and the affected person must have his meal only once on that day.

Chanting Mantras

Our Mangal dosh astrologers prefer his approaches to chant Mangal mantra to avoid its influence. Even Gayathri mantra is said to be effective.

Mangal kavach

It is a device made out of metal for Mars. It has a numeric configuration. It protects from the negative effects of Mars.

Other remedies advised by our Mangal dosh astrologers are offerings, prayers and coral gemstone.

Mangal Dosh consultants in India

Advice is just like home remedies. Depending on the severity in the Mangal Dosh these remedies might not be effective. At such times only great Mangal dosh astrologers from 12horoscopesigns.com can remove that Dosh. Till now many couples have approached them from all over India and have got excellent results from them. All of those couples now are leading a happy peaceful life. If you have such Mangal Dosha and have not yet used any remedies, or have used and not found any results, then try visiting 12horoscopesigns.com and contacting our Mangal dosh astrologers. They are always available in India. You will get astonished by the effectiveness of our Mangal dosh astrologers.

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