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Cancer Sun Sign

Fourth astrological sign in the zodiac is known to be cancer, and its origination is from cancer’s constellation. Zodiac element is water and zodiac quality is cardinal. Sign ruler of cancer is the moon. Detriment is Saturn and exaltation is Jupiter and fall is Mars. Cancer is said to be House of Neptune. Those who are born from approximately June 22 to July 23 are born under a cancer zodiac sign. Persons born during these dates depending on which system of astrology they may subscribe to may be called as Cancerians.

Nature of Cancer

The zodiac sign cancer is characterized by symbol crab. Under the influence of cancer, planetary people feel sentimental and logistic. Cancer zodiac sign persons having essence include: energy is sensitive, domestic, maternal, feminine, compassionate, romantic caretaking and creative. The negative vibe of cancer can be cliquey, isolated, passive, aggressive, gossipy, hypersensitive and also overly. Under this cancer, zodiac didn’t influence emotions and institution overrule their logic and intellectuality also. These people spend most of their time with their loved ones and with their families. Most of the cancers are passionate foodies who love to cook an of course to eat also. These people need friends who give them space to vent and also remind them of their strength.

Traits of Cancer

Being intuitive sentimental, sympathetic, sensitive, as well as quite complicated personality, are what they are known for. These natives are mostly family loved ones. These people love to be in family surroundings and good husbands and nurture their relationships. We can look at both positive and negative qualities to understand the zodiac sign, cancer people. Positive traits include Creative: They are having brilliant and novel ideas using their imaginative powers. Spontaneous, The power to think and act is spontaneous and it is a major guiding force for cancer born. Other positive traits include loving, emotional and protective. Negative traits include Moody, pessimistic, clingy, over-emotional, suspicious, born nagger.

Cancer Man

Cancerian man can make a wonderful partner for woman and he is ruled by emotions and matters of the heart, not by its intelligence. These men make faithful, supportive husband’s, and kind, patient fathers. He is incredibly romantic and having a great sense of humor.

Cancer Woman

These women are ruled by the moon and their moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. She is peaceful and passionate. These women are caring sensitive and sympathetic. Cancer woman is slow to fall in love.

Cancer Health

These people are suspectable to gain weight and they tend to have a delicate stomach and digestive problems and they feel sick without any disorder/feel too well when they actually laying.

Cancer love

Cancer in love is sensitive and empathetic and their sensitivity makes easy to love. They will fiercely protect and defend their loved ones. In love they are sensitive, compatibility serious sentimental.

Cancer Career

These people some times lose and sometimes gains in their business. People will get foreign exchange. Stalked money will be realized. People deals with immovable property.

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