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Chinese Astrology and Chinese Zodiac

There exists a close relation of Chinese Astrology with Chinese philosophy and the theory of three harmonies of Earth, Heaven and Water. A 12-year mathematical cycle represents this ancient wisdom. In this cycle each year is represented by specifically animal symbols. The foundation of Chinese astrology happens to be these 12 symbols only. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Monkey, Goat and Horse are the 12 animals in Chinese astrology. Sometimes goat can also be termed as sheep and pig as boar.

Each year in the 12-year cycle is ascertained with each animal symbol. That is why a person’s year of birth decides the Chinese zodiac sign of that person. Also to these 12 symbols other chronological events like a month, week, day, date and time are also related. Besides these, the balance theory of yin Yang, Wu sing teachings along with five elements which are metal, wood, fire, earth, and air are also involved in Chinese astrology. All these factors and aspects provide information regarding a person's past present and future. Also, accurate predictions can be made possible by using these aspects. To get best and accurate predictions regarding your destiny, visit 12horoscopesigns.com.

Usually, many stories are being said to explain the origin of Chinese zodiac signs. All of the stories vary. Some believe that Buddha had called animals to save the humans and only twelve of the animals responded which have been included in Chinese astrology. Some others believe that great race held to determine which 12 animals need to place in the zodiac. That race determined the positions of these 12 animals in Chinese astrology. Also, there are rumors that these animals were selected because all of them were either raised in their houses or were loved by Chinese people. It is believed in Chinese astrology that, person birth in the year of a particular animal might pose characteristics of that particular animal. This was mainly used to analyze the compatibility in the relationship between two people. In the olden days, people used to strictly follow Chinese astrology to assess the compatibility in their relationships even before forming them. Even now in most of the places, this Chinese astrology is being used to do so. To check your relationship compatibility, visit 12horoscopesigns.com.

Just like every year in the 12-year cycle is assigned an animal symbol, every hour also is assigned with the specific animal symbol. Most popularly used is the year symbol astrology. But to take in-depth analysis month, week, day, date and hours are used. It is also said that in olden days people in order to tell time, used to divide a day into 12 two hours. Every two hours were assigned a specific symbol of the animal. This hourly symbolism gives in-depth characteristics of that sign. In Chinese astrology, it is also believed that the people born in years which are multiples of 12 are so to be unlucky in the years' multiples of 12.

To avoid ill-effects, one has to wear red-colored underwear or belt that whole year. It is believed that red is lucky for them. All this might seem superstitious. But Chinese people take this seriously and strictly follow Chinese astrology in every step they take. To know in-depth regarding Chinese astrology or Chinese zodiac signs, visit 12horoscopesigns.com.

Congress Zodiac Signs

As already said in Chinese astrology 12 zodiac signs exist. All of these are represented by symbols of animals. Those 12 Zodiac Signs are given below-


People of this zodiac sign usually are, innovative and elegant. They like to experiment and work out possible logic being ideate. They might not be shy and reserved. But they appear such. They might not mingle with everyone in a single meet. However, they might slowly get themselves open to everyone over time.


People of this zodiac sign are sincere, courageous and honest. These people generally seem to be snobbish but they are not such. Instead, they are humble and easy-going. Their endurance is too high. Hard from outside these people might frighten others who give them a hand. But truth is that they are friendlier than they appear.


People of this zodiac sign are those who always love to be under the spotlight and try to be the center of everything. They get themselves involved in every possible aspect of work. With higher levels of energy and enthusiasm, these people get themselves dragged to involve everywhere possible. Their attitude is what takes them there.


These people are extremely creative, jovial, flexible and clever. They, of course, won't seem such. But you might get surprised by their presence of mind when situations demand. You might get shocked by their sharp observations and discussions which are intellectual. They are just like a box of surprises to others. Sometimes they even express their special talents unknown to many when the situation demands. They try to stay low with all these capabilities.


These people are adventurous as well as fearless in nature. They are also protective. But their protection might be limited to their loved, near and dear ones. For their protection, these people might even get ready to fight. However, they might be reserved in the case of others. Altogether these people very less enthusiastic but they become active when it comes to their near ones.


This stands in the eighth position in the zodiac calendar of Chinese people. These people pose comfort and prosperity. These qualities come to them as the number 8 in astrology possesses these. How so ever these people are less of hard workers and stay in their comfort zone.


These are said to be the most mysterious of all. They remain calm as a snake and follow their own instincts contrary to others. They stand back when it comes to following other opinions compared to their own. This makes them mysterious as no one might predict what they are up to. They are friendly in nature.


According to Chinese astrology, these people are more protective and rebellious in nature. As the tiger Congress from the cat family, they like to be surrounded by pets. Such characteristics together make them hard being soft. Depending on the person and situation they are dealing with, their characteristics might vary.


Irresistible charm along with their straightforwardness attracts everyone towards the people of these zodiac signs. Similar to a dog, these people also are believed to be loyal and faithful. However, when the time comes they might show up to be a little different than thought. This makes them unpredictable.


As we all know, great determination and will power are needed to gain success, the people of these sign apply this fact in their life. They have great determination and will power that gets them success. They happen to be in a slow and steady manner as an ox. And hence achieve great heights with lots of patience.


It can be said that these people are associated with luck. Of all the Chinese zodiac signs, these are the luckiest. The men with this sign can be termed a gentleman due to their courteous and gentle nature. Such nature along with luck attracts many towards them. They even are kind in nature which makes them softer.


Similar to the characteristics is a horse; these people are mostly on the go with unmatchable zeal for life. They even have soaring energy levels. They are dynamic in nature. They always want to make inventions and discoveries. Also are they witty and chirpy that add to their personality.

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