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Libra Sun Sign

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the twelve zodiac signs. Libra spans from 120-180 degrees of celestial longitude. The tropical zodiac, that the transit area on average between September 23 and October 23 .zodiac symbol of Libra is balanced scales .zodiac element is air and zodiac quality is cardinal. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. Detriment is mars and exaltation is Mars and the fall is the sun. This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet of beauty and love. favourite things for these Libra people are they care about rich food, expensive jewellry, Designer clothes, and poetry.

Nature of Libra

These people have dull and practical peoples and bullies. These people secret wish is marvellous that is to love and be loved in return. this person is at a point surrounded by music and nature, arts. These people, are the masters the art of courtship and romance like no one else. These people are very affectionate and charming.

Traits of Libra

These people are mostly kind and beauty lovers. They have a lot of positive traits and they had negative traits too. Libra people are romantic extremely. Whatever they love those are driven by feelings of love. They eat people are charming and also they choose the pleasant way of talking these people are tactful people exploiting the emotions of other people.

Libra Man

When Libra man falls in love. He will see the subject of his affection as a person he is going to marry. He is hot, charming and sexy. Complete guide to dating, sexuality, attraction, and compatibility is what makes him Libra Man. He wants his peers to dominate him in bed. These people are usually friendly and calm. These people are more attractive to their women.

Libra Woman

A Libra woman is one of the most coquettish, romantic, intelligent and innocent, charming, and friendly women. These women embrace elegance and feminism she is intellectual and also idealistic romantic.No one is sexier than a Libra woman.

Libra Health

Line people are more prone to back pain, renal problems skin disease and some other gastrointestinal problems. These people must pain, old guard their health care by maintaining a balanced diet and being hydrated.

Libra love

These people adore the flirting and love the drama and pageantry of romance. These people mostly enjoy their first dates. Libra people are romantic and always thinking of thoughtful to please their partners when Libra people love they love with their entire soul. Trust that Libra love is genuine. When Aries and Libra fall in love with each other they will make impossible things possible.

Libra Career

These people have a blend of both rises and fall of situations. These people reputation rises in the society fur the presence of Jupiter. Economically these people are well settled. Libras have the potential to be strong and productive leaders in their professional life. Possible career paths of Libra people include resources mostly. These people have a good scope in business. The most suitable professions in health care fields are genetic engineering and embryology, good physician assistants or good occupational assistants. However, these people have a bright future.

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