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Pisces Sun Sign

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac signs. It is the last sign of zodiac signs. It spans from 330 to 360 degrees of Celestial longitude. The people born under the Pisces the sign is mostly artistic, intuitive selfless, generous and emotional. Pisces dates are from February 19 to March 20. Symbol of Pisces is a pair of fish. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces element is water and the colours are purple and white. Pisces have the heart of soldiers when it comes to family and friends, they can do anything.

Nature of Pisces

Pisces is symbolised by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, have a wide range of talents, and have the ability to adjust to different kinds of environments as they are very flexible. These people are charming, selfless, romantic and they love to live in their fantasy’s world. These people are very compassionate and affectionate. These people like being alone, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming. Their humility, sensitivity and romantic nature make them very likeable. Overly trusting and emotions make these people weak extremely.

Traits of Pisces

These people have both positive and negative traits. Positive traits include imaginative and very creative. kind-hearted people, empathy, artistic, generous, lovable, charming, romantic and selfless. Negative traits include escapism, idealistic, weak-willed, pessimistic, lazy and sensitive.

Pisces Man

It is mysterious and often difficult to fathom and these men are very attractive and close to few only. These people are classically very good looking and charming, loyalty is the main quality of the Pisces man. Pisces men are powerfully emotional, creative, and caring. Most enduring traits are the love of romance and humility.

Pisces Woman

Most of the Pisces women are a mysterious and sensitive individual. They are also deeply romantic and having spiritual nature and emotional. Their dreams are vivid. These people are more sexy and romantic and easily attract their loved ones. These people are very indecisive and impractical. Pisces woman can get easily involved in a romance with men. These women are having a dreamy nature and sensuality.

Pisces Health

These people may feel favourable in terms of health. These people will stay energetic and can implement a healthy diet or can consult the doctor for the same to maintain fitness. There are chances of health issues related to eyes, throat, chest, shoulder, heart. They need to eat foods that are good got their blood, heart and liver.

Pisces love

The Pisces person likes a lover by their side than being alone. These people are very adorable and romantic.No one is sexier than Pisces people due to this, these people attract their partners in the bed. Pisces people love is loyal and sincere. If Pisces loves any person they can do anything for them lovely partner. These people are attractive and magnetic to their lovers. These people mostly prefer dating and live in relationship. The lucky Pisces finds a partner that loves them with their entire soul.

Pisces Career

These people have a bright future and care should be taken in trusting in the people in the business field and investments. More chances are waiting in the medical field.

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