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Sagittarius Sun Sign

Being the ninth one among the 12 zodiac signs, Sagittarius is the symbol of Archer or Centaur. It has the fire element & its ruling planet is Jupiter which is the planet of luck and expansion. It is also represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow. Sagittarius always craves to explore things throughout their journey of life.

Nature of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is as adventurous as their nature is to explore & roam but this nature can disturb their close ones as they maybe feel like they can't commit. It is an optimistic sign which shows idealism, expansion, growth & philosophy, etc. The nature of Sagittarius is to speak with a blunt tongue but despite this fact, their honesty, humour, & a strong moral nature make them lovable in the eyes of others.

Traits of Sagittarius

Independence can be the best trait of a Sagittarius. They never get clingy, even being in a relationship they never get so protective or annoyed with their partner. Sagittarius never seeks attention from anyone as they know how to be by themselves. They have the other traits too such as; they are so energetic, likable, tidy, optimistic, straightforward, charming, bold & exuberant. But they also have some negative traits too, like they can be careless, irresponsible, tactless, restless & blindly optimistic.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is always so cheerful & exciting in nature. A Sagittarius man is usually an open-minded & fun-loving guy who generally likes to do things as his way. He will like a person who will be honest & reliable. He may seem to be a non-serious guy but once he gets devoted to the right one he'll have no problem settling down. A Sagittarius guy always works hard & is so generous in nature.

Sagittarius Woman

There's nothing like a Sagittarius woman as they can be hated by many but loved by plenty of people at the same time. She has a mouth that she can't control. If she's holding a passion about something then she hates being criticized about it. She always holds a happy personality & loves to make others smile while being so humorous in nature. She's fun & investigates a lot about things on her way as she always speaks her mind. She gets attracted to someone who displays high moral & ethical standards.

Sagittarius Health

Being a star sign, Sagittarius should be least worried about their health. They are so active in their daily life than everyone else. As Sagittarius doesn't like to restrain, they focus on diet & exercise.

Sagittarius love

If we talk about love & relationships, then it is a romantic adventure for Sagittarius as they always crave to get a romantic partner who is energetic & fun to share feelings & emotions with. Being a fun-loving sign they always want a partner who's protective but not get so much possessive or jealous over things. They are extremely loyal if they find the right person.

Sagittarius Career

Sagittarius always misses out most of the lucrative opportunities but they are fine with it. Best career options for a Sagittarius are, Anthropologist, Photographer, Journalist, Doctor, banker, Athlete, Instructor, writer, Tour guide, Gambler, Travelling, Salesman, Professor, Designer & Lawyer, etc.

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