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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Dates Dec 22 - Jan 19
SymbolThe Goat
Ruling Planet:Saturn
Lucky daySaturday
Lucky Number8 and 2
Lucky GemstoneOnyx
Lucky ColorBrown
Chinese ZodiacOx
Opposite SignCancer
Key phraseI Use


This astrological influence usually manifests in very subtle, hardly noticeable ways in your life, but you are actually beginning an important cycle. This time period marks the beginning of a new cycle, when you formulate plans and ideas that will extend over the next few years. Your ambitions and ideals slowly and gradually shift toward a new focus. This is a period of rebirth and renewed optimism. You feel ready to start a fresh new beginning in your life. This is the time to develop new goals and a new vision of yourself. Many of the ideas that you currently have about your future and your goals will become major themes during the next cycle.


Your mind’s power to distinguish, clarify and differentiate between facts will be slow at this time. Communication and thinking are misbalanced. No creativity and activeness in body at this time.