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Gemini Daily Horoscope

DatesMay 21 - Jun 20
SymbolThe Twins
Ruling Planet:Mercury
Lucky dayWednesday
Lucky Number9 and 5
Lucky GemstoneGreen
Lucky ColorRed-Violet
Element Air
Chinese ZodiacHorse
Opposite SignSagittarius
Key phraseI think


You are very interested in career progress options in all stages of life, and you take very active interest in new thoughts and creativity. You can also participate in social change and activities which, perhaps new to you, is met with some hindrance and very interest from the public.


Your old problems will solve today. You are thinking deeply to resolve them in a good way. Mind is in flow.


Errors in decision, due to your feelings, are possible to happen. Your mood, mind and boy are working in same phase. You can be in discussion with friends, family or lover.