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Libra Love Compatibility

Libra is an air sign. You love taking the lead in your relationships. You like balanced and harmonious relationships. You get along with fire signs. You get irritated by cold intense people.

Libra Love Compatibility with Aries

Libra's relationship with Aries is based on great chemistry and passion. It will be a fast-paced relationship with a lot of sparks. You are a born leader, a thinker and will provide a great balance for the relationship. Your partner will be attracted to these traits and will also love your intelligence. There will a constant power play in your relationship. Many conflicts are due to ego problems. The compatibility factor between Libra and Aries is 62%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Taurus

Libra's connection with Taurus will start cordially. Both you and your partner want the same things in life. Both you and your partner have similar traits and can work hard. Your partner will enjoy your elegance and charming nature. While you will love how your partner tries to beautify your home. Libra cannot make firm decisions though they can be impulsive. Taurus needs to think things through. Both you and your partner hate drama. Your partner needs to be sensually motivated while you need to be intellectually motivated. The compatibility rating between Libra and Taurus is 33%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Gemini

Libra association with Gemini will be complimentary. You and Gemini partner will have a lot in common. Your partner will love your harmony and balance. You will enjoy their conversation making skills. You will find mutual communication skills very stimulating. There can be conflict when both Libra and Gemini try to control the situation. To maintain peace you will need to stop being sarcastic and too critical. The compatibility rating between Libra and Gemini is only 78%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Cancer

Libra relationship with Cancer is between two strong personalities. Your relationship will be based on love, peace, and family. Both you and your partner want the same things. Both you and your partner are lead by your hearts. Your partner will appreciate your balance. Libra makes decisions with the head while Cancer makes them with their heart. Your strong personalities can cause conflict. The compatibility rating between Libra and Cancer is 28%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Leo

Libra's relationship with Leo will be dynamic. Your partner will enjoy introducing you to friends and family. You will allow your Leo partner to take command because you know you will be able to take command as well. Your partner will enjoy your elegant and charming personality. Both you and your partner will enjoy working toward your common goal. There will be a battle of egos between you and your partner. Leo will get frustrated at the delay in taking decisions. You will dislike your partner’s jealous and possessive nature. The compatibility rating between Libra and Leo is 75%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Virgo

Libra association with Virgo will be a case of opposites attract. But you and Virgo will share many interests and goals. Both you and your partner will enjoy luxury and simple things in life. Both will be willing to work to achieve your aims. You and your partner will enjoy your elegance and charm while you will enjoy Virgo's organized nature. You and your partner operate at different speeds. Libra is unwilling to wait for anything. Your partner comes to a conclusion after much deliberation. The Libra Virgo compatibility rating is 30%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Libra

Libra's connection with Libra will rank high on the compatibility scale. The bond you share with your partner will be very harmonious. You will be able to understand your partner perfectly specially the aversion to conflict. It will be difficult to navigate a relationship where none of the partners are willing to compromise. The compatibility factor between Libra and Libra is 68%.

Aries Love Compatibility with Scorpio

Libra's relationship with Scorpio can be stable despite the differences between the duo. Both zodiac signs want a peaceful, stable and balanced relationship. Your partner will like your innovative side and will be intrigued by mysterious nature. You will love passion in a relationship. You tend to make your partner feel insecure. You generally balance of "give and take" in a relationship. You will have to work with your partner to figure out a balance. The compatibility rating is 29%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Sagittarius

Libra's connection with Sagittarius can be unstoppable. You will enjoy your relationship and have lots of fun. Libra and Sagittarius will be excellent friends. Both you and your partner will be loyal and committed to the relationship. Your partner will enjoy your charm and elegance. Your Sagittarius partner will is always up for an adventure and will help you learn and evolve. Sagittarius does not enjoy being boxed in and is always looking for a new adventure. Libra may get tired of waiting. The compatibility rating for Libra and Sagittarius is 71 %.

Libra Love Compatibility with Capricorn

Libra's relationship with Capricorn will be between two different people. Each person brings unique gifts to the relationship. Both you and your partner want to excel. You need to focus on your similarities rather than the differences. You will be focused on a common goal. You will like your partner’s leadership skills while they will like your intellectual side. However, Capricorn and you may have a different definition of success. Your indecisiveness will irritate your partner. You will get upset by their pushy nature. The compatibility between you and your Capricorn partner is 34%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Aquarius

Libra relationship with Aquarius will be exciting. Your relationship will be light and you will have intellectual conversations. You and your partner will balance each other well. You will help broaden Capricorn's perspective while they will do the required work. You and your partners are both rational. Aquarius tends to get jealous in a relationship while you try to be too controlling. The compatibility factor between Libra and Aquarius is 68%.

Libra Love Compatibility with Pisces

Libra's connection with Pisces will be well balanced. Both you and your partner dislike drama. Pisces tend to retreat when hurt. You will learn to read this sign and love your partner’s emotional and harmonious side. Both partners enjoy luxurious beautiful things. Your energies are well balanced. Both you and your partner handle emotional disturbance very differently. Your partner tends to run and hide while you prefer to remain committed. Both you and your partner can be manipulative. The compatibility rating between Libra and Pisces is 29%.

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