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Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius is a fire sign. You are loved for adventurous, humorous and energetic personality. You and fire signs get along well. You also get along with earth and water zodiac signs.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Aries

• Sagittarius's relationship with Aries will have a compatibility score. Your relationship will have lots of sparks. Your partner will like your adventurous and energetic. They will also be attracted to your flexible and easy-going nature. You will enjoy watching your partner taking control. When there is an argument you and your partner must remember to compromise. The compatibility factor between Sagittarius and Aries is 87%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Taurus

Sagittarius's connection with Taurus can be blissful. The will be a relationship between two different people. You will admire your partner’s decisiveness while they will love your energy levels. When there is disagreement your partner will be fixated while you tend to wonder. When you lose your temper you tend to be hot-headed while your partner stubborn. The compatibility rating between Sagittarius and Taurus is 31%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Gemini

Sagittarius association with Gemini will be marked by high energy levels. Both you and your partner love trying new things. Your partner will love your passionate and affectionate nature. You will like your partner's open mind. Both you and your partner will need their freedom. You will dislike your partner’s double talk and critical nature while your partner will find your indecisiveness and flighty nature. The compatibility rating between Sagittarius and Gemini is only 92%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Cancer

Sagittarius relationship with Cancer will be interesting. Your partner will love your adventurous and passionate nature. You will enjoy the sense of stability and security provided by your partner. You can woo your partner by charming and sexy. Cancer will be frustrated by your laziness and temper. The compatibility rating between Sagittarius and Cancer is 27%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Leo

Sagittarius's relationship with Leo will be very intense. Both you and your partner love power. Your relationship works best if you give each other space and recognize your individual strengths. You also need to recognize your weakness. The relationship tends to be a push and pull relationship. Both you and your partner may hurt each other. You may be vengeful while your Leo partner will be aggressive. The compatibility rating between Sagittarius and Leo is 29%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Virgo

Sagittarius association with Virgo will be an association between two different people. Timing and luck are important factors in your relationship. Your partner will like the excitement they bring to the relationship while you will be turned on by your partner’s frank personality. Both you and your partner tend to complain a lot. Your partner will dislike your temper tantrums. The Sagittarius Virgo compatibility rating is 32%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Libra

Sagittarius's connection with Libra will be exciting. There is natural chemistry in your relationship. Your partner is peaceful and hates drama and will enjoy your flexible nature. You dislike being told what to do and you will enjoy calm demeanor. You may feel stifled when your partner puts pressure on you. Libra may lose patience about waiting. The compatibility factor between Sagittarius and Libra is 71%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Scorpio

Sagittarius relationship with Scorpio is relationship between two different personalities. You will find common things to agree with. You and your partner love traveling. Your partner will show you unexpected sights. Your partner will like your easy-going personalities and flexibility. The compatibility rating is 30%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Sagittarius will share a compatible relationship. You will enjoy discovering things with your partner. You enjoy doing things together. You generally enjoy a lucky streak. Both you and your partner are hot-tempered and this can cause problems in your relationships. The compatibility rating for Sagittarius and Sagittarius is 74 %.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Capricorn

Sagittarius's relationship with Capricorn will have the same goals and vision for a successful relationship. Your different natures will complement your relationship well. Your partner will find your big thinking ideas and adventurous nature. You will love your partner's work ethic and attention to detail. Your partners want security and stability in a relationship. This can make feel boxed in. Your partner will dislike your temper. The compatibility between you and your Capricorn partner is 38%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Aquarius

Sagittarius relationship with Aquarius will be magical. You will share great chemistry with your partner. Both you and your partner are excited and passionate. You both enjoy spontaneous things. You will be attracted to your partner's intellectual nature. Aquarius will love your drive. There will be an occasional problem due to your differences. Your partner can get jealous when you flirt with others. Your partner also like stability unlike you, the compatibility factor between Sagittarius and Aquarius is 83%.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Pisces

Sagittarius's connection with Pisces will be happy and harmonious. Pisces will enjoy your passion and creative personality. Your partner is a dreamer. Your partner will enjoy your intellectual power. You will like partner easy-going personality. You and your partners, personalities can cause problems. Your partner can get hurt very easily and this can be frustrating. Both you and your partner can stray from relationships. The compatibility rating between Sagittarius and Pisces is 50%.

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