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Aries Love Compatibility

Cancer is a water sign. You tend to be emotionally intense need to be with someone who can handle your emotional level. You will get along with other water signs and Earth signs. You can handle non-verbal communication with other water signs.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Aries

Cancer relationship with Aries is based on opposites attracting. Aries tend to be irresponsible while you are emotional. Your relationship shows a lot of passion. You and your partners tend to balance each other out. You will be very protective of your partner. Impulsiveness and aggression can harm your relationship. The compatibility factor between Cancer and Aries is 47%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Taurus

Cancer connection with Taurus shows they are a perfect combination of love. You share many things with your partner. Your partner will be caring and will share deep emotions. Both zodiac signs are family-oriented. Communication between you can be effortless. The compatibility rating between Cancer and Taurus is 91%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Gemini

Cancer association with Gemini will be curious. Emotionally you will be very different. Gemini will find it difficult to communicate with you. Their impatience can hurt you. The relationship between you can be significant. You can protect them while they clean your problems. Trust can be problematic. The compatibility rating between Cancer and Gemini is only 21%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Cancer

Cancer relationship with Cancer will have a deep connection. You and your partner will have a comfortable love life. You will be passionate and emotional and will be able to express your love. The chemistry will between the Cancer partners be fantastic you will be very protective about your home. Your relationship will be built on trust. You may have trust issues between you and your partner. The compatibility rating between Cancer and Cancer is 85%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Leo

Cancer relationship with Leo is based on stability. You are very good for one another. You will be extremely emotional with your partner. You will be able to communicate well with one another. The compatibility rating between Cancer and Leo is 29%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Virgo

Cancer relationship with Virgo will be strong. You and your partner will be devoted to one another. But emotionally Cancer and Virgo are incompatible. Virgo tends to be more rational. Your bond will strengthen with time. The Cancer Virgo compatibility rating is 77%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Libra

Cancer relationship with Libra will be healthy. Both partners will be able to provide each other with what they need. Both zodiac signs are emotional. Cancer and Libra can feel balanced in the relationship. Cancer and Libra are a combination of intelligence and emotion. Trust is very important in the relationship. The compatibility factor between Cancer and Libra is 28%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Scorpio

Cancer relationship with Scorpio will be a very intense relationship. You will be able to balance the weakness in your relationship. Both you and your partner tend to bury yourselves in emotions. But your partner will understand you. The compatibility rating between Cancer and Scorpio is 75%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Sagittarius

Cancer connection with Sagittarius shows both partners need a lot of patience. Both the partners have a lot to offer each other. There is no spark of passion in the relationship. It is difficult to impress a Sagittarius. The compatibility rating for Cancer and Sagittarius is at 27%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Capricorn

Cancer relationship with Capricorn will be between two opposites. Your relationship can be very intense. The relationship between you and your partner can grow from a strong foundation. You will find it very easy to trust one another. You can communicate about different things with your partner. The compatibility between you and your Capricorn partner is 84%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Aquarius

Cancer relationship with Aquarius will be a relationship between two opposite parties. You are emotional while your partner is unconventional. The shared passion is not very intense. Both zodiac signs are diligent and ambitious. The compatibility factor between Cancer and Aquarius is 31%.

Cancer Love Compatibility with Pisces

Cancer association with Pisces can be very rewarding. Your compatibility between you and your partner is strong. You share a lot of things with Pisces. The compatibility rating between Cancer and Pisces is 72%.

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